#NewMental for the #NewNormal

24 May 2021

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? Are you interested in becoming the better version of yourself? It’s not always easy to focus on your mental wellbeing when you’re surrounded by constant changes and uncertainties, especially during the difficult times. So how can you improve your inner immunity? Tune into the episode to learn more!

24 May 2021

#NewMental for the #NewNormal


Episode summary

Our mental wellbeing is under extreme pressure lately. The stress we’re experiencing is nothing new, however the pandemic has made these issues more acute. During these trying times, we need to focus on building our personal resilience, as well as our skills for the future. The turbulent situation has urged leaders to care more for their employees and make it a priority to support them in a meaningful way. Many leaders have started to adapt a wholistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, as digitalization has helped making health care easier and less challenging. For ourselves and our wellbeing, it’s very important to develop our emotional intelligence, stress management, decision making, and other soft skills. My guests Gesa Hauser, the meditation & Mindfulness pioneer and Senior Manager top Executive development in Deutsche Telekom and Miriam Lachova, the Chief Executive Officer at Human Dynamic Europe in Slovakia join us today to discuss this burning topic and clear out the stigma around it. We learn more about the right actions both companies and individuals can take to be able to lead a healthy life. Join me as we explore and learn more about the #NewMental needed to stay afloat the #NewNormal. And you? What are the habits and actions you found helpful to start your journey towards self-acceptance and self-development?
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About guests

Gesa Hauser

Senior Manager Top Executive Development @ Deutsche Telekom

Miriam Lachova

Chief Executive Officer, Owner at Human Dynamic Europe Slovakia

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