The Art of Effective Communication

26 July 2021

Are you interested in learning how to improve your communication skills? You’re at the right place!

26 July 2021

The Art of Effective Communication


Episode summary

Even though one of our guests started career as a neuroscientist, both eventually landed various communications jobs within the DT Group. What will we talk about today? For example, the pandemics and how the way we communicate as people and as an organization changed. But not just that! Main message? Don’t be silent and start the talk! Disclaimer: This episode also contains expert tips on effective communications. Join me as we explore and learn more about the Art of Effective Communication during the #NewNormal. And you? What are tips and tricks you found useful for effective & healthy communication? Share with us in the comments!
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About guests

André Dybek

Operating Officer and Senior Vice President (SVP) Customer & Communication Management @ DTSE SE

Anne Wenders-Schwolow

Senior Expert Corporate Communications @Deutsche Telekom

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